Design Elements for Aging Succesfully (Breakout Session)

Presented by Ruth Neeman, Levi + Wong Design Associations

Session Description

This educational session describes the issues and goals for a senior co-housing community and how design aspects (from location, layout relationships, accessibility and universal design, use of design elements such as colors, contract, way finding, sound and lighting, etc.) can address the gradual decline in mobility, vision, hearing and cognition.

Particularly interesting are urban settings and how to take advantage of existing infrastructure to ensure that elders remain an integral part of the community. Another aspect that is exciting are the affinity-based communities that gather groups of people that have a mutual interest such as art, music or life long learning - and providing environments that support these pursuits.

Often we get involved in working in existing building (sometime buildings that do not age gracefully) and help owners transform them to become appropriate for aging in the community.

About the Presenter/s

Ruth Neeman is a registered architect with more than 30 years of experience in planning, design and research focusing exclusively on environments that enable elders and support independence and aging with dignity. Supportive environments for elders and particularly those living with cognitive impairment is a special interest that has lead to ongoing professional alliances with experts in the field and initiation of Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) research work on several of her projects. Ruth's special, and personal interest in the impact of the appropriate environment on well being of elders has led her to serve as the Co-Chair of the Design for Aging committee of the Boston Society of Architects since 2008, contributing to education and lively exchange of ideas among architects designers scientists, regulators and owners.