Development Scenarios: Which Is Right for Your Community? (Breakout Session)

Presented by Kathryn (Katie) McCamant, CoHousing Solutions

Session Description

Examining different development scenarios: How do we actually get our project built? How have other groups done this? Should we self-develop? Do we need a developer? What do developers do? How do we find one? What other professionals do we need? Katie McCamant, who has worked as an architect, project manager, development consultant, and developer with cohousing groups for the last 30 years will present how other senior cohousing groups have gotten their projects built, outlining the pluses and minuses of different development scenarios, and using real case studies of past and current projects to help participants evaluate the best way for their community to move forward.

About the Presenter/s

One of the nation’s leading cohousing experts, Katie’s designed and developed dozens of communities. She and her husband, Chuck Durrett, introduced cohousing to North America with Creating Cohousing: Building Sustainable Communities. She has been integral in developing multiple senior cohousing communities, including Wolf Creek Lodge (CA) and Oakcreek Cohousing (OK).

Additional Information

This session would be an excellent preparation for the session Getting Started: Working with a Developer that focuses on the details of partnering with a developer.