Aging Better Together: The Whistle Stop F.I.L.M Festival

Sponsored in part by Wonderland Hills Development, The Little Yoga Studio, and Boulder Community Media

Session Description

The Whistle Stop F.I.L.M Festival put together a film program around the topic of aging for the Aging Better Together Conference. The screening is sponsored in part by, Wonderland Hills Development, The Little Yoga Studio, and Boulder Community Media. The screening will be held in the Vintage Post Theatre built in 1932 on Fort Douglas. Located in the conference village. Screening schedule:

Thursday May 19th; 7pm
“Aging Gratefully: The Power of Community”
(TRT: 51 minutes) Directed by Alan O’Hashi
Produced by Boulder Community Media (BCM)
Members of Silver Sage Village will be on hand for a Q&A after the film.
Short Synopsis: What if 25 seniors from around the country decided to age together in a cohousing community. Filmmaker and Silver Sage Village resident Alan O’Hashi recounts his recovery from a serious illness and weaves those experiences with the perspectives of neighbors with Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and those who find themselves in supportive neighborly care giving roles. The film features the perspectives of cohousing pioneers Jim Leach and Chuck Durrett as well as gerontologist Anne Glass.

Friday May 20th; 7pm
“Bullet Proof Karma”
(TRT: 9 minutes) Directed by Halonah Abraham Paiss
Produced by Paiss Productions
Short Synopsis: Halonah is 17 years old and a senior in Boulder, CO where she lives in the Nomad Cohousing neighborhood. In making “Bulletproof Karma,” she tells a true story about Barry Shoda, a man diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and a deadly brain tumor. This documentary provides hope that people with cancer can have an effective alternative to chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

(TRT: 5 minutes) Directed by Don Sniffin
Produced by KBZ Films
Short Synopsis: Don is an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker with an innate ability to tell a compelling and unique story. He studied at the Colorado Film School, is a graduate of the Lighthouse Writer’s Master Screenplay program, and Don has a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Wyoming. In “Taken”, no good deed goes unpunished. An ordinary Joe in an extraordinary circumstance must find his inner courage and come to the rescue of someone who has been “Taken”.

“A Beautiful Equation”
(TRT: 53 minutes) Directed by Robin Truesdale
Produced by Two Hands Films
Depending on the available technology, there may be a Q and A following the film with Robin Truesdale and Len Barron.
Short Synopsis: Len Barron selects an unconventional cast ¬‐ eight grandmothers ¬‐ for his stage production about Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr. On stage, the women charm audiences with their wit and exuberance as they reveal untold chapters in the scientists’ biographies. In this documentary film, director Robin Truesdale takes us behind the scenes with the women (who are not professional actors) as they rehearse, laugh, and beautifully emulate the messages they present on stage. The film leads us through a storybook of past and present, illuminating the magic of fairy tales and belief in the impossible.

Additional Information

The film festival is included in conference registration.