Getting Started: Working with a Developer (Breakout Session)

Presented by Lew Bowers, PDX Commons; Eric Cress, UD+P; Kathryn (Katie) McCamant, CoHousing Solutions

Session Description

We are interested in sharing our experience in working with (and as) developers of cohousing communities for our elder population. Lew Bowers and Eric Cress have recent “on the ground” experience developing PDX Commons, an urban, mixed use senior cohousing project in Portland, Oregon. Katie McCamant needs no introduction, and can provide a broader perspective and compare-and-contrast analysis of PDX Commons’ development models versus the broad range of models that are available and have been implemented.

Our presentation would address substantive issues such as:
- Why work with a professional developer and if so, how and when to engage them?
- How should communities structure agreements with a developer?
- How much should you pay a developer?
- What does a developer need to partner with a cohousing group?
- When should we approach a developer
- What additional consultants are necessary and how much do they cost, and what is their value?

About the Presenter/s

Lew Bowers is one of PDX Commons' burning souls. His vocation is urban development. He's been the Central City Manager for the Portland Development Commission for the last 13 years. Lew is committed to cohousing because he thrives in communities and wants to have one that that is physically proximate.

One of the nation’s leading cohousing experts, Katie McCamant has designed and developed dozens of communities. She and her husband, Chuck Durrett, introduced cohousing to North America with Creating Cohousing: Building Sustainable Communities. She has been integral in developing multiple senior cohousing communities, including Wolf Creek Lodge (CA) and Oakcreek Cohousing (OK).

Additional Information

We feel that a joint presentation that represents both the developer perspective as well as the community-member perspective will create an engaging and informative conversation among the presenters and participants.