How to Build a Great Team (Breakout Session)

Presented by Linda Herman and Jayni Allsep, Linda Herman Consulting

Session Description

While the magic of cohousing is the unique social contract created within the community, it begins fundamentally as a real estate development project. However, most people don’t decide to live in cohousing because they want to be a developer, and most potential cohousers have never managed a development project.

Creating a cohousing community is a complex yet ordered process that requires a strong collaborative team effort. Understanding the process – how to get from property acquisition to move-in day – is an important first step. Knowing who needs to be on your team is equally important.

In this session, we will provide a detailed overview of the development process, the community-building process, and the team needed to achieve success. We’ll provide information on how to find the right professionals, criteria for hiring, negotiating contracts and fees, roles and responsibilities, and most importantly, what to expect from yourself and your team.

About the Presenter/s

Linda is the principal and owner of Linda Herman Consulting, a development consulting firm that provides the expertise to plan and manage the development process. LHC is currently completing a 41 unit co-housing project for active adults in Oakland, CA. Linda is a Certified Senior Cohousing Facilitator and LEED Accredited Professional.