Marketing Your InterGenerational Community (Breakout Session)

Presented by Kathryn (Katie) McCamant, CoHousing Solutions

Session Description

Senior-friendly InterGenerational communities naturally include families and children. But attracting families can be a challenge for the many cohousing communities - both forming and established - populated primarily by empty-nester baby boomers and great generation members. We’ll share effective ways to profile your community as a great neighborhood for both families and elders, and how to raise your visibility as being “child friendly” in addition to being “senior friendly.” We’ll consider a profile of the people and families you want to attract and how best to reach them with target marketing, including social media and family-friendly events. We’ll touch on creative financial models in providing affordable options for the people and families you want to attract. Finally, we’ll talk about the power of developing a waiting list of people and families wanting to live with you. There will also be room to share stories about marketing efforts that have proven to be successful.

About the Presenter/s

One of the nation’s leading cohousing experts, Katie’s designed and developed dozens of communities. She and her husband, Chuck Durrett, introduced cohousing to North America with Creating Cohousing: Building Sustainable Communities. She has been integral in developing multiple senior cohousing communities, including Wolf Creek Lodge (CA) and Oakcreek Cohousing (OK).