Multi-Generational Households in Multi-Generational Cohousing (Breakout Session)

Presented by Catya Belfer, Mosaic Commons

Session Description

How can we adapt our homes and our lives to include our elders? In multi-generational cohousing neighbourhoods, there are many households with three generations. There are also three-generation families split across multiple units!

What do we need to do to physically adapt our homes, or to design for adaptability? As important, how do all three generations find a good emotional and community way of living?

About the Presenter/s

Cat is the Technical Director for Coho/US and lives at Mosaic Commons in Berlin, Massachusetts. She says "My teenage son Zach and I have lived with my mom Pat for coming up on three years. Our homes were designed adaptably and wow have we taken advantage of that, with more to come!"