Planning for Aging in YOUR Community (Breakout Session)

Presented by Sara Zeff Geber, PhD, LifeEncore™

Session Description

This interactive session will pose key questions about the future to participants already living in community. These questions will be discussed and recorded in small groups and then shared (by discretion) more widely. Participants will receive a planning guide to help them capture and later share their ideas with their home communities.

The key questions:
1. How will you support those in your community who become unable to play a working role?
2. What alterations can you make in your common areas to make them more accessible for older members of your community?
3. What systems can you put in place to enable older, less mobile members to continue to live in community with you?
4. What level of caregiving are you, personally, willing to offer elders in your community?
5. What level of caregiving are you, personally, willing to receive from members of your community?

About the Presenter/s

Dr. Sara Zeff Geber is a professional in the field of retirement and aging. Her business, LifeEncore,™ focuses on workshops and on one-on-one coaching to prepare for retirement and aging. She is a compelling speaker and facilitator and frequently delivers talks on the challenges ahead as we move into our later years.