The Quimper Village Story: How to Grow a Senior Cohousing Community (Breakout Session)

Presented by David and Patricia Hundhausen, Carolyn Salmon from Quimper Village

Session Description

Quimper Village is a beautiful 28-unit senior cohousing community currently under construction in Port Townsend, Washington. The community is the first senior cohousing community in the state and, due to forward-thinking individuals working together, will be completed in record time. Listen to the residents themselves share how they pulled off this remarkable feat. Get a glimpse into their process, and learn why Quimper Village stands as a model for senior cohousing communities across the globe.

Session Learning Objectives

• Learn how we organized a successful introductory session
• Learn how we marketed our village
• Learn how we have continued to build community
• Learn how we use Dynamic Governance to run our meetings
• Learn when we can ‘do it ourselves’ and when we need a professional
• Learn how we set up our legal and financial structure

About the Presenter/s

David Hundhausen is the chair of the Marketing Team and a member of the Membership Team for Quimper Village. David is a retired Associate Professor of Speech and Theatre. He has been active with a number of community theaters and founded PlayMakers, a children’s theater program connected with the Waukesha Civic Theatre.

Pat Hundhausen, with her husband, David, began the conversation about senior cohousing in their community through a public presentation and the facilitation of a course on options for aging. In life before Quimper Village, Pat was a special education teacher, administrator, and a group facilitator. Now, she co-chairs the Quimper Village Process Team

Carolyn Salmon is the leader of the Quimper Village Finance & Legal Team. During her working life she was a microbiologist (BA), financial planner (MBA), realtor, mortgage originator and environmental regulator. She likes researching, crunching numbers, educating folks and is persistent. Carolyn loves a challenge. Building a cohousing community is challenging.