Working Together: Getting the Work Done (Breakout Session)

Presented by Bob and Claire Miller, Wolf Creek Lodge

Session Description

We will report how Wolf Creek Lodge, a senior cohousing community in Grass Valley, CA, is organized to get the work done. We do much ourselves and but hire out some work out to others.

We will describe our teams, delegation, supervision and reporting. We will discuss why there are differing levels of participation, how members react to differing participation levels and how this relates to taking decisions by consensus. We will consider different ways of contributing and how members are motivated in different ways. We will consider how “working together” builds the Wolf Creek Lodge community.

We have conducted focus groups to understand the feelings of community members after three years together.

Participants will role play to better appreciate the social dynamics.

Session Objectives
Learn what work needs to be done in a senior cohousing community.
Learn how to get organized to do it.
Understand motivation, participation levels, individual skills and aptitude, capabilities, ageing.

About the Presenter/s

Claire and Bob are members of Wolf Creek Lodge, a senior cohousing community in Grass Valley, California. Wolf Creek Lodge construction was completed at the end of 2012. Claire was born and spent her youth in Saskatchewan Canada. Bob was born in England but spent his high school and college years in Scotland. They met in England, married and had two children. In 1978 they moved to Massachusetts where they lived for 25 years. Claire has had various careers but most significantly was a nurse, trainee midwife and Kitchen Designer. Bob worked in the computer industry and still works very part time work in this field. They have both always been active in their local Unitarian Universalist congregations. In 2004 they retired from Massachusetts to Truckee, CA in the northern Sierra. They became avid cross country and downhill skiers in the winter and hikers in the summer. On moving to Wolf Creek Lodge Claire served as the bookkeeper and was a leading contributor to the landscape team. Bob has focused on the technical team and marketing. Having survived on planet earth for over 70 years they look forward to many more in the company of their cohousing neighbors.
Bob Miller, bob [at] sierramiller [dot] com, 530-205-5047 (c)
info [at] wolfcreeklodge [dot] org, 800-558-3775 (voice mail)