From Zero to Done: Oakcreek Community in Three Years

Presented by Patricia Darlington, PhD

Session Description

“Just regular” people in Stillwater, Oklahoma went from vision to move-in in three years. This is the story of dreams, values, hard work, and miracles which forms a blueprint that you can follow to create your own successful senior cohousing community.

Session Objectives:
• Participants will recognize the importance of the vision of cohousing
• Participants will learn how to name and market the vision
• Participants will learn the parallel process of building a community of people and building a beautiful neighborhood of homes
• Participants will learn what we did right; what we did wrong; and, how it all came together in a very successful way
• Participants will learn that “How we get there is where we arrive.”
• Participants will be affirmed in the fact that all of the hard work is definitely worth it

About the Presenter/s

Patricia (Pat) Darlington, PhD is one of the founder/developers of Oakcreek Community and is a licensed psychologist (HSP) in Oklahoma, with a solo private practice in Stillwater.

I love learning and maybe you could say I collect degrees.
Educational background includes PhD (Educational Psychology) and MS (Community Counseling) from Oklahoma State University; MA (Religious Education) Loyola University New Orleans; and, BS (Dental Hygiene) University of Missouri-Kansas City. Note well: none of my degrees would prepare me to build a cohousing community...and all of them did!

I have lived in Oklahoma for 40-years and in Stillwater for 37. Over the years have served numerous organizations including the Stillwater Board of Education and Stillwater Library Board. I am currently in first term on the Stillwater City Council and serve as Vice Mayor of Stillwater.

I am one of the founder/developers of Oakcreek Community. Oakcreek is the first and only cohousing community in Oklahoma and the 6th senior cohousing community in the United States.

I am most proud of my 4-grown children, their spouses and my 9-fabulous grandchildren.