Dealing with Diverse Personalities in Community: Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2016


A Cohousing Retreat at Arcosanti, Arizona

Come and join your colleagues for a fun and informative weekend getaway in the high desert at the world-famous community of Arcosanti in Arizona.

Who Should Come? Anyone who works in a collaborative, cooperative, consensus-based organization or community who wants to learn a different way to deal with disruptive people - both well intended and those who can have a negative influence.

Why Should You Come?
When we intend to build a harmonious community, it is sometimes challenging to create a collaborative environment with people who are so different from us. “If only they would understand things the way that I do,” we say to ourselves. “If only.”

Creating community takes commitment. Things do not always turn out the way that we personally envisioned them. Conflicts arise. Feelings are hurt. And yet, we strive to live in communities where people are able to work out their differences and build towards a better whole.

This retreat will address these issues for people who are committed to living in successful communities. It will be held in the secluded environment of Arcosanti, in the highlands of Arizona. The event will be intimate and active, with a participatory format for merely fifty people. We invite you to join us for this unique experience.

Check out this amazing Arcosanti video.
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Schedule of events:

September 30
4:00 Check-in & Tours of ARCOSANTI
6:00 Dinner (included)
7:30 WELCOME from Jeff Stein, Cosanti Foundation President
8:00 Social hour

October 1
Breakfast (Not included in fee)
8:30 FIRST SESSION "Creating a Dynamic of Collaboration"
12:00 Lunch (included)
1:30 SECOND SESSION "Treasure Hunt for Collaboration"
6:00 Dinner (included)
Human Nature

October 2
Breakfast (not included in fee)
8:30 CONCLUDING SESSION "Commitment for Community Collaboration"
12:00 Lunch (not included in fee)


Suggested Accommodations

Our Facilitators:

AlanAlan O'Hashi

Alan O'Hashi provides tailor-made cultural competency training and facilitation for a variety of groups, including youth services, victim services and housing organizations. He is a graduate of the Visiones Advanced Leadership Training which develops transformational leadership skills and consensus building. Alan is a member of Silver Sage Village in Boulder, Colorado.

JeffJeff Zucker

Jeff Zucker began his journey with Arcosanti in 1973, and serves as Supervising Architect for the Consanti Foundation. Jeff has an architectural firm in Prescott where his environmentally­‐sensitive design has been applied to private habitats, cultural centers and master plans. He is the founder of Manzanita Village Cohousing, where he currently resides, and has over twenty years of experience with facilitation and consensus­‐based decision-making.

MikeMike Havercamp

Michael (Mike) Havercamp, Ph.D. has served as a facilitator and mediator in high-conflict settings at local, state, national, and international levels. Issues involved human rights, public lands, economic sustainability, forest revitalization, water quality, substance abuse, literacy, biological diversity, and wildlife. Projects included complex action-planning negotiations in English and non-English speaking settings. Mike is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Thornton Peace Prize from University of Nevada, and is a member of Manzanita Village in Prescott, Arizona.