How to Make Housing that People Really Want and that EveryTown USA Desperately Needs, and Get the Resources and Buy-In to Do It (Wendy Willbanks Wiesner)

This full day pre-conference intensive (Thursday, May 18, from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm) requires an additional fee of $105. You may register for this intensive separately without registering for the full conference. If you have already registered for the conference, you can register again for any intensive.

Wendy Willbanks Wiesner, Executive Director, Partnerships for Affordable Cohousing (PFAC)
Partnerships for Affordable Cohousing

Intensive Description

So What Kind of Housing is this? It's affordable, and it's cohousing.

In this intensive we will discuss step-by-step what is required to make this kind of housing a reality in your community.

Housing that is THE most effective use of scarce resources--land, labor, time, and money because it

* Addresses the tough fiscal challenges municipalities are facing
* Provides a solution for a housing affordability crisis
* Deals directly with the health care crisis
* Is sustainable and resilient to the MAX
* Gives non-profits, foundations and impact investors an opportunity to participate in housing that packs a social, economic, and civic punch
* Makes accessible, shared transportation a reality, today
* Creates a neighborhood asset
* Makes leaders who support it look good
* Helps people to get along and help each other, REALLY.
* Shows people that getting old doesn't have to be awful and gives children and teenagers a place to contribute
* Solves all kinds of problems for populations with special needs and challenges.

Housing that is a desirable investment for banks and other investors because the community and residents who are actually going to live in it make the decisions about it--in a inclusive and effective way. Opposition is expensive, and housing where demand is assured and supply is short is profitable.

The agenda is divided into four parts, and will include speakers who have actually spearheaded the design, development and delivery of this kind of housing:

Part 1) The small, practical, scrappy guerilla way to get it done;
Part 2) The larger, more complex institutional way of getting it done;
Part 3) How and where 1 & 2 come together;
Part 4) How you *session attendee* can influence that intersection of 1 & 2 so that you get *what you need/want*

*session attendee*--cohouser, developer, non-profit (housing, development, specific population and/or cause), agency, planner, architect, community organization, policy maker, community bank, money center bank, CDFI, social impact fund, foundation.

*what you need/want*--cohousing, pre-development funding, more (affordable) housing, better (affordable) housing, mixed income housing that works, multi-generational living/cooperation, more (cost effective) housing choices, economically resilient/sustainable communities, health (see CDC criteria) + housing, lower(ed) project risk, lower(ed) cost of capital, new market opportunities, social impact investment opportunity, better/safer blocks and neighborhoods, increased civic "cool" factor.

About the Presenter

Wendy Willbanks Wiesner is Executive Director of Partnerships for Affordable Cohousing (PFAC). After experiencing the development and completion of a large infill development with affordable housing within her neighborhood, she was compelled to find a better social, economic, and environmental solution. Thankfully, she found cohousing. Making cohousing communities more affordable, and making affordable housing more like cohousing--this is her work. Wendy lives in Denver, Colorado. More broadly referred to by locals as the Front Range of Colorado, cohousing development in this area (especially in Denver, Boulder, Longmont, Lakewood, Arvada, and Littleton) is booming.

Additional Information

This pre-conference intensive offered on Thursday, May 18, from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm requires an additional fee of $105.00. You may register for this intensive separately without registering for the full conference. For those who have already registered for the conference, you can add this by registering again and only signing up for this intensive. Lunch is not included but a buffet will be available in the hotel restaurant, currently priced at $13.00.