Creating your Community - Marketing and Membership Development (Raines Cohen and Betsy Morris)

This half day pre-conference intensive requires an additional fee of $75. You may register for this intensive separately without registering for the full conference. If you have already registered for the conference, you can register again for any intensive.

Presented by Raines Cohen and Betsy Morris

Intensive Description

This intensive builds on our work over the past dozen years as members, consultants, and interviewers of successful, aspiring, and unsuccessful cohousing groups and seekers of same. We will combine interactive demonstrations, group exercises, and open discussion to help participants create their own community action plans to fill their community with the right people. Partnership-based development practices can cut years off the time from conception to move-in.

We will look at different real estate market and development scenarios, the known characteristics of current cohousers, and ways to build relationships face-to-face, through regional networks, and through social media platforms.

We will provide a framework of best practices and examples and tools for:
**Creating a successful core group: Self assessment of skills and gaps - Winkling out unsaid assumptions in your vision and values
**Key partnerships as part of your core team
**The need and value of a business plan (with examples)
**Building a sense of community while maintaining viability / feasibilty
**Growing a more diverse cohousing movement, both racially and economically
**Transparency and accountability tools: Listening to and engaging stakeholdres
**Staying in front of multiple audiences of potential members at low cost with social media and CRM
**Video, VR, and storytelling: getting beyond the press release
**Cooperation through regional and national networks & making the most of Coho/US
**Messaging and marketing materials: exercises with different audiences and media
**Building trust and shared leadership and collective capacity
**When (and how) to play, inform, commit, let go

Members of Marketing and membership teams in established and forming cohousing groups will be invited to share their experiences.

About the Presenters

Raines Cohen and Betsy Morris are multi-tasking community organizers, a husband-and-wife team who have supported many cohousing neighborhoods at all stages of development. They have lived in two, advised several, and visited over 100 communities. They run the world's largest cohousing MeetUp, East Bay Cohousing, with over 4000 members, and have over 5000 community seekers in their Cohousing California regional network. They have served on Coho/US and FIC national boards and helped with the website and social media.

Additional Information

This pre-conference intensive offered on Friday, May 19, from 8:00 am - 11:30 am requires an additional fee of $75. You may register for this intensive separately without registering for the full conference. For those who have already registered for the conference, you can add this by registering again and only signing up for this intensive.