Conflict Resolution: Practice. Practice Practice (Alan O'Hashi)

Presented by Alan O'Hashi

Session Description

Do you have conflicts that arise in your community? Are you, sometimes, at the center of conflict like a lightning rod? Do you try to avoid conflict at all costs? You're not alone. In this workshop, One thing that we all have is a personality. At any given moment we each can be pleasant, a bit grouchy or indifferent, depending on the situation.
We all have different family backgrounds, come from different socio-economic cultures and everyone has different life experiences. In this workshop, I'll help you unpack your past histories and experiences to better know yourself and what has influenced you through your life and in so doing, learning some skills and techniques to better understand and know your family, friends and neighbors.
I'll also provide a way for you and your community to hold conflict participants accountable using a positive reinforcement / protective factor approach rather than a finger pointing / risk factor approach to conflict resolution.
We'll look at a cohousing case study, break up into groups and practice and evaluate a community conflict scenario.
My teaching style appeals to all learning styles - auditory, visual and hands-on. There will be a mix of film clips, exercises.

About the Presenters

Alan O'Hashi MPA lives in Silver Sage Village, Boulder CO. He resurrected his company, ECOS (Environmental and Cultural Organization Systems). after dusting off his cultural competency and diversity training hat. He has provided similar curricula to various groups including, violence against women prevention advocates, law enforcement, affordable housing administrative staff, child care providers, school educators. Most recently he presented at the "Dealing with Diverse Personalities" retreat sponsored by CoHoUS in Arcosanti, AZ.