Starting an urban senior housing project - the story of PDX Commons (Lew Bowers)

Presented by Lew Bowers

Session Description

This session will tell the story of how PDX Commons was created; the key steps taken over the last 4 years, the key lessons learned, how we created the development team, how we attracted new members, how we accomplished the financing, found a site. The larger goal is to help develop a model of cohousing development so that new groups have a road map that they can customize for their specific circumstances. PDX Commons was a totally member-driven project, but I would not recommend that model for future urban projects. It takes too long and requires that the initial members have too much development knowledge. PDXC should be ready for move-in in April of 2017 so it will a new and current story to tell. The presentation will be primarily by me, but I hope to have additional members participate and/or have UDP and Katie participate. So, not a panel presentation but their might be multiple coordinated presenters.

About the Presenter

Lew Bowers - My wife and I are the founding members and "burning souls" of PDX Commons. Prior to that I had a career working in municipal urban development projects, most recently I ran the downtown projects for the Portland Development Commission. I have in the past worked in a cooperative supermarket and worked for the National Coop Bank setting up the California regional office in 1980.