Sustaining Relations in Cohousing: Community Life Committee (David Entin)

Presented by David Entin

Facilitated Discussion Description

How do cohousing communities sustain and enhance social relationships among residents over time? One way is having a Community Life Committee with this responsibility. The Community Life Committee of Rocky Hill Cohousing has offered events around major holidays, periodic "dinners by sixes," outside facilitators to address concerns such as participation and engagement, two retreats a year, and other efforts to resolve conflicts and promote relationships. This can be a lead-off for a facilitated discussion for communities to share what they are doing to promote and sustain social relationships, including what has been successful and what has not. The focus will be on an exchange of useful ideas.

About the Presenter

David Entin has had two careers: in community development and anti-poverty work and in higher education administration. He was one of the founders of Rocky Hill Cohousing and served for four years of the Board of the Cohousing Association. of the United States. He is retired and currently is president of the Rocky Hill Cohousing Board of Trustees and a member of the Community Life Committee.