Designing and Planning for Urban Cohousing (Joren Bass & Grace Kim)

Presented by Joren Bass & Grace Kim

Session Description

As many cities across the US experience an influx economic growth and opportunity, they are also experiencing the effects of densification. Often both positive and negative, population growth and the resulting densification has a very real influence on housing options and affordability.

Living in urban neighborhoods can also offer amenities and services not easily accessible for more rural communities. Urban site constraints and the tradeoff between neighborhood amenities community amenities are all part of the programing and architectural puzzle urban cohousing communities must navigate.

This session will examine how two communities navigated the design and programing decisions to create each of their recently completed projects. Both in cities that are experiencing amazing urban growth, Seattle and Portland. Learn about the changes and opportunities designing urban cohousing from Capital Hill Urban Cohousing founder Grace Kim and PDX Commons project manager Joren Bass.

About the Presenters

Grace Kim is an architect and founding principal of Schemata Workshop. Grace is an internationally recognized expertise in cohousing with a focus on Common House Design. She is a frequent presenter at senior housing and affordable housing conferences. She has written a design guide for cohousing common spaces and has visited over 80 cohousing communities. Grace is founder of Capital Hill Urban Cohousing in Seattle, where she lives with her family.

Joren Bass is a licensed architect and project manager for Urban Development Partners, the development partner for PDX Commons.