Emotional Resilience (Jerry Koch-Gonzalez)

Presented by Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

Session Description

Have you had the fight about outdoor cats? Resiliency and sustainability are not just about green buildings and taking care of the land. It is also about taking care of ourselves and each other. Living together in community means we make so many decisions that we inevitably disagree and get mad at each other. How we treat each other in disagreements is the difference between a community we love living in and one that has us wondering about moving out. What happens when you are triggered? Do you tend to fight, flee or freeze? In this experiential workshop we will use the approach of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to practice the power of deeply listening to our needs and the needs of others so that we can find our loving voice and stay present and engaged in the chaos of daily life with each other. We will also briefly review a variety of practices that can strengthen the emotional capacity of a community such as heart circles and restorative circles. How we are collectively with the little things and big things of life creates the culture of our communities. Let’s build communities we want to live in!

About the Presenter

A certified trainer of Sociocracy/Dynamic Governance and Nonviolent Communication, Jerry specializes in governance, decision-making, communication skills, and conflict resolution (“everyone matters, all needs matter”). He co-founded the nonprofit Sociocracy For All (SoFA), The Sociocracy Consulting Group, and New England NVC. Jerry is a founding member of 22-year old Pioneer Valley Cohousing, which uses Sociocracy/Dynamic Governance.