Integrating Farming and Gardening into Co-Housing (Nola Hitchcock Cross, Sam Hitchcock Tilton, Bill Hartzell)

Presented by Nola Hitchcock Cross, Sam Hitchcock Tilton, and Bill Hartzell

Session Description

This workshop addresses the spectrum of gardening and farming activities in relation to co-housing/eco-villages. The participatory discussion will include examples of involving farming and gardening with co-housing: from contracting with farmers or co-housing members to farm within co-housing to raised bed allotments, from raising food for common meals to commercial enterprises, from an orchard commons to a co-operative orchard to involve the outside community with co-housing. Nola and Sam will share conversations they have had with farmers and co-housing communities across the country about each party's needs and share successful and not-successful examples. Bill will share his experience managing a Christmas Tree farm at Hundredfold Farm Cohousing near Gettysburg.

This workshop will consist of a presentation including pictures, followed by questions and interactive discussion where participants can share lessons learned and gain from shared experiences.

About the Presenters

Nola Hitchcock Cross is an attorney who has formed several housing and other cooperatives. She is a founder of Riveredge Housing Cooperative, a forming member of the Waldo Intentional Sustainable Community, and part of the 500 Communities Program with Co-Housing Solutions. She also manages Cross Law Firm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Bill Hartzell - Since 1997 Bill has been intimately involved with the creation of the first cohousing community in Pennsylvania - The Hundredfold Farm Community. With 20 plus years of cohousing experience, his passion for and belief in the importance of community has only deepened. Bill is past Board President of Coho/US. Seven Springs Tree Farm is a separate Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company owned and operated by the members of the Hundredfold Farm (HFF) Cohousing Community.

Sam Hitchcock Tilton has worked for and owned vegetable farms of various sizes. He has served as the Farm Manager and Educator for an educational farm and also writes a monthly column for
Vegetable Grower's News, for which he visits and speaks with many farmers. He is a Master's student of Horticulture at Michigan State University.