Challenges and Opportunities of Turnover (Pat Darlington and Kay Stewart)

Presented by Pat Darlington and Kay Stewart

Facilitated Discussion Description

Turnover in a cohousing community is inevitable--for many reasons, death, illness, not-so-great-fit, and just plain "movin'on." There are many implications of this reality and we will discuss some of the issues, dilemmas and solutions we have faced at Oakcreek Community. These include

*Seller Agreements
*Rental Agreements
*How are heirs informed of agreements for selling or renting homes
*Marketing the Community ("Why do we have to spend budget money marketing if all our homes are sold?")
*How do we orient new members
*How do we process the loss of members
*and more

About the Presenters

Pat Darlington and Kay Stewart - Pat and Kay were involved in the development of Oakcreek Community in Stillwater, Oklahoma from (before) the beginning of the project. Working closely with about 10 others (plus professionals), we bought property, designed, marketed, built and sold the first and only cohousing community in Oklahoma. Having lived in cohousing for 4+ years, we've made it through the honeymoon period and have begun, as a community, to work through the things we didn't think about when every fiber was bent on "getting this done."