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Inviting, Celebrating and Leveraging Our Many Differences.
There many types and layers of diversity and inclusion in cohousing. How do we invite diversity? How do we work well with all kinds of people? What benefits and challenges does diversity bring? What tools, skills and strategies promote a sense of belonging?


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We are very excited to welcome Avi Kruley as our keynote speaker.

Avi is Co-Director of Community Well-being at Mount Madonna Center

Avi will explore the role of belonging in community. What is responsibility of the community? What is responsibility of individual? And what are some actions that can be taken by both to cultivate a greater sense of belonging for all?

12 Informative Content Sessions

Participate in three live on the day of the event. Watch the other 9 as recordings at your leisure.

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The Coooperative Culture Handbook

Authors Yana Ludwig and Karen Gimnig

Published by Foundation for Intentional Community

Community for All  ^  Bios  ^  Cost  ^  Schedule & Sessions   ^  Online Conference FAQ