Cohousing Classifieds

2020 Cohousing Open 

Session Notes



Time Slot 1 (10:40PDT, 11:40MDT, 12:40CDT, 1:40EDT)

Title of session:  Affordable Cohousing and Other Options


Convenor:  Alan OHashi


Who participated:  Alan OHashi, Elsbeth Flanders, Franki T., Suzanne Tuckey, Paula M, Aprilani, Alice Green, Betsy Morris

Folks interested in follow-up as well: Raines Cohen

Key Points & Actions:


  • Affordable housing options aren’t profitable for developers, so no one wants to build them
  • Ideas for making things more affordable!
    • Start your community first, before you live together — option to start having benefits of cohousing before you have a shared space
    • Working with local government and non-profits
      • Land trusts
      • Cooperatives
      • Getting to know the public and community resources available and agitate for change to local zoning laws. 
      • Mobile Home parks and campgrounds are possible mostly in rural areas.  Some percentage are resident owned communities run as cooperatives. see ROC-USA Resident Owned Communities.

  • Problems that cause the issue of non-affordability
  • Resources: