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What is Open Space Technology? OST is a structure for running meetings that facilitates participants to have the conversations that interest them most.  

Is there any structure? Yes! We will have an opening and a closing circle. There will also be set session times and an agenda that we build together so that the topic of each conversation is listed where everyone can see it and choose the topic that suits them.

Who can convene a session? Anyone. Sessions can be convened around something someone knows, or something they would like to know, or simply a conversation they would like to have.  If you want to talk about it with other people, it’s a perfect topic to convene a session for. 

What does it mean to “convene a session”? There are 3 parts to convening a session. 1. Put your session topic on the agenda and perhaps describe it in the opening circle. 2. Show up to the right room at appointed time. 3. Be sure someone takes some notes to share with the broader group. It doesn’t have to be you and we provide the google doc.  

Why don’t you plan for speakers like regular conferences? Regular conferences depend on the conference team to know what the participants want to talk about. We think we do pretty well at that, but we can’t possibly predict what passions will be in the room in any give group on a particular day. OST is about following your passion and energy. In this format things come up that we would NEVER have thought of.  Also people learn more from conversation than they do from lecture.  This format makes the most of that approach.  

Has this ever been done before? Lots! But this is the first time we know of it being done for cohousing, other than for an individual community. Just google open space technology for more than you will ever have time to read about how it has been used in the past. 

What is QiqoChat? QiqoChat is a gathering platform that is designed for OST. It bring together the zoom rooms and the documents for notetaking in a seamless fashion. We think you will like it. Come and see.  

2020 Cohousing Open ^ Cost ^ FAQ ^ Program ^ Registration