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Session Notes

Marketing and Outreach – Ann Zabaldo, Takoma Village

Affordable Cohousing and other options – Alan O’Hashi

Fantasy vs Reality – What is it re/2020-open-fantasy-vs-realityally like after moving in? – Jennie Lindberg

Starting a Cohousing Community – Marty Maskall, Fair Oaks

Doing Meals in Covid? – Elph, Great Oak, Ann Arbor

Coho Tech & Gather – Tom Smyth, Touchstone, Ann Arbor

Diversity in Cohousing – Alan O’Hashi

Resales & Rentals – Ann Zabaldo, Takoma Village

Repurposing Large Multi-use Properties – Sparr, CoDwell

Community Support Committees – Marcia Zuckerman, Bay State

Be Your Own Bank! Peer Lending for building/aging well – Betsy Morris & Alice Green

Cohousing for Life – Robin Allison

Intergenerational vs Senior Cohousing, key differences – Elissa C

Tree Guidelines or Policies in a New Community – Paula Cunningham

Ecovillage Visions – Raines Cohen

2020 Cohousing Open ^ Cost ^ FAQ ^ Program ^ Registration