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2020 Cohousing Open 

Session Notes



Time Slot 2 (11:40PDT, 12:40MDT, 1:40CDT, 2:40EDT)

Title of session:  Resales and Rentals


Convenor:  Ann Zabaldo


Who participated:  


Key Points & Actions:   


  1. Don’t give up marketing and outreach when you move in and think your done.  You’re not.  You will have a resale in your future.
  2. Fears about rentals.  Are renters less active in the community?  Renters can be better participants than owners.  Sometimes owners don’t participate.  The key is to devise a workshare and participation system that works for everyone.
  1. Decisions when there are renters in the community.  Usually, on non financial issues EVERYONE is included in the discussion and decision process.  Usually, when there is a financial decision such as the budget everyone can participate but only owners consent to the adoption of financial issues.


Please feel free to email Ann w/ questions or concerns:  Work w/ a regional group Cohousing California or Mid Atlantic Cohousing, Northwest Intentional Communities Association (NW US)  And always, always CohoUs, the provider of this online workhop and the repository,of many resources for cohousing.


Good luck to all of you as you build your dream.