Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What is the Simple Series? Rather than hosting one or two large regional conferences in 2020, CohoUS has decided to offer a series of smaller, more accessible events we are calling the Simple Series. In person events and tours will take place around the country and we’re hoping they will bring together people within that region. Online event are accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

Who can attend a Simple Series event? Anyone can register to attend the Simple Series. Each event will have its own focus. We encourage each person to choose the events that fit their needs.

Online Event Questions

What is an online event? Our online events will take place on Zoom. They are designed so that anyone with an internet connection can participate from their own living room.

How do I get recordings? Recordings will be posted as soon as we are able to process them, about a week after the event. Paid participants will be able to access them through the program webpage they use to access the event.

What is Zoom? Zoom is an online video-conferencing service. You can learn about the service at The site will also allow you to check your speakers, microphone and camera. Most people find it extremely easy to use. If you have never been on Zoom before, we suggest logging in early. There is a small “app” to download on your computer or mobile device. It just takes a few minutes.

Do I need a microphone and camera? Only if you want to be heard or seen. For our online events, you are welcome to attend as a viewer and listener. There will also be opportunities to ask questions and possibly discuss things with others. It is possible to submit questions or comments using your keyboard, but if you want to speak them, you will need a microphone and if you want to be seen, you will need a camera. Most computers and devices these days come equipped with everything you need.

Will I have a chance to meet and talk to other cohousers? For our Affordable Conference on Affordable Cohousing event on February 22, 2020, yes you will. There will be a networking session where you will be grouped with 6-8 others for conversation after the keynote. Breakout sessions will have Q&A opportunities. If you run into someone that you’d just love to chat with, we’ll have a way for you to gather with them in your own private breakout room during most of the event.

In Person Event Questions

Is there an event near me? We hope so! We’re in process of scheduling events all around the country. Watch the Simple Series page and eNews for events as we confirm with hosting communities.

Tour Questions

How many communities will I see? Check each tour for details as they become available. In general a bus tour is 3-4 communities.

Why use a bus? Wouldn’t it be less expensive to drive our own cars? Bus tours have several advantages over individual cars, starting with lower emissions when the bus is full. Equally important, cool stuff happens on the bus. Attendees have a chance to connect with each other and exchange notes. Often tour leaders share information between stops. Finally, buses work better for our hosting communities because everyone arrives at one time and there is no parking impact.

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