CoHousing Houston, Houston, TX

Houston, Texas

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We are a group of people interested in developing the first ever cohousing community in Houston, one of the most wonderfully diverse and dynamic cities in the country. To help make this happen, in November, 2017 Katie McCamant and husband Chuck Durrett of CoHousingSolutions and McCamant and Durrett Architects will come to Houston to put on their "Getting it Built" workshop. See our website,, for details. The Friday even before the weekend of the workshop, Katie and Chuck will talk to Houston about cohousing. The talks will be held at the Asia Society Texas Center, a beautiful and exciting venue. Again, see our website for details.
CoHousing Houston is one of several groups who are planning on building cohousing in Texas. Visit the cohousing directory for details. (
Finally, visit us the Black Lab in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston each first Wednesday of each month to learn more about our group.

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