Coho/US Executive Director Position

The Cohousing Association of the US (Coho/US) is seeking an Executive Director. We invite those interested to submit a letter and resume to editor [at] cohousing [dot] org. We also encourage applicants to attend the 2017 National Cohousing Conference May 19-21 in Nashville. This position is full time with flexible hours, with a virtual office to be located anywhere in the U.S.

Coho/US serves as a connector and clearinghouse to grow and nurture cohousing. Visit About Coho/US and State of Cohousing in the US: An Innovative Model of Sustainable Neighborhoods for more information.

Executive Director, Cohousing Association of the US (Coho/US)

Position Description

The Executive Director of the Cohousing Association of the US (Coho/US) will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for programs, organizational development, sustainability, and execution of its mission. In this capacity, the executive director will work with and report to the Coho/US Board of Directors.

** Provides professional management of the association.
** Serves as an ambassador in representing Coho/US to promote our programs and advance our mission.
** Advocates for cohousing, including growing the organization and the number of cohousing communities.
** Contributes to the visioning of strategic plans, and manages the execution of those plans.
** Informs the Board of Directors at least monthly of activities, accomplishments, opportunities, and problems.
** Implements effective communication tools, in order to strengthen our brand, credibility and programs.
** Creates and implements development plans that secure funding for operational sustainability;
grow our contributor base; and strengthen Coho/US’ success.
** Develops and oversees the annual budget and submits periodic financial statements to the Board of Directors.
** Ensures successful national and regional cohousing conferences, retreats, and other gatherings.
** Recruits, leads, and develops staffing and volunteer resources.
** Ensures that Coho/US is fully compliant with relevant government requirements.
** Manages public relations that generate media and visibility opportunities to advance our mission.

Position Requirements:

● experience in nonprofit or association management, and working with boards of directors
● high level engagement to capitalize on overlap of responsibilities/opportunities
● multiple skill set individual with a focus on external engagement/connection on one hand, and internal professional association management on the other
● fundraising, outreach, or advocacy experience
● ability to recruit and cultivate volunteers
● engagement with a forming or building cohousing community, or experience living in a cohousing community
● working virtually from a computer and phone with flexible hours
● travel as time and resources allow
● Bachelor's degree or higher education preferred

Position Priorities

● External relations in engaging and cultivating myriad networks and educating the public towards growing and nurturing cohousing
● Internal relations in managing the association, engaging the board, and strategic planning
● Quality products and services (website, advertising, conferences, events, resources)
● Revenue stream that achieves sustainable finances (fundraising, advertising, sponsorships, conference participation)

Position Responsibility Details

● Financial accounting supporting the Board Treasurer and the Coho/US Bookkeeper
● Support to and retention of contract staff (Outreach Associate, Bookkeeper, Technology Director)
● Recruitment and support of volunteer resources
● State and federal compliance with nonprofit and labor obligations
● Annual budget
● Strategic planning lead
● Engaging the Board; keeping them informed
● Board recruitment support

● Individual Charitable Giving
● Sustaining Community Support
● Cohousing Professional Support
● Conference Sponsorships
● Corporate Sponsors

● National Conference Planning - biennial
● Regional Conferences and events/retreats

● National Cohousing Open House Day
Cohousing Now! eNews monthly
● Media and public relations
● Responding to public inquiries
● Engaging Communities - connecting to resources/services; cultivating for support
● Educating the public through presentations, ambassador functions (some travel involved)
● Collaborative partnerships with Cohousing Research Network, Partnerships for Affordable Cohousing and the Fellowship for Intentional Community
● Engaging and promoting cohousing professionals

Website/Online Services
● Building website resources
● Classified Advertising
● Writing, recruiting for and posting blogs
● Cohousing Directory listings and metrics
● Social media engagement and campaigns

Executive Director Labor Allocation
Administration 5%
Development/Fundraising 5%
Conference 30%
Outreach/Communications 45%
Website/Online Services 15%