Middlesex Senior Cohousing

Belmont, Massachusetts

We are a group of adult households in Metro Northwest Boston aiming to build the first senior cohousing community in New England.
Our site search is focused on West Acton and Maynard, Mass., two up-and-coming, walkable villages that are 60 minutes west of downtown Boston and have good services, cultural amenities, and proximity to many nature and recreation areas. We are looking for three to five acres of land on which to build a cottage-style neighborhood of 20 – 30 units with porches and gardens clustered around a common house with extensive amenities, including a gourmet kitchen, Great Room, office spaces, and guest rooms.
Our project was launched in March 2016 by founders Victoria Thatcher and Mayhew Seavey, who spent a year consulting with cohousing leaders, town officials, developers, and architects; and also running informational meetings and workshops. In January 2017 a core group was formed and began meeting regularly. That fall we hired Katie McCamant, the nation's pre-eminent cohousing development consultant (Cohousing Solutions, Inc.) to guide us. We are moving forward with growing our group, member commitments, site search, engaging professionals, getting training in Dynamic Governance, and growing our group identity and cohesiveness.

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