Part One: Chapter Two: Putting the "Neighbor" back into "Neighbourhoods"

Everyone has favorite things about cohousing neighborhoods, and from time to time, lists are compiled that summarize the benefits. Rob Sandelin’s list below may have been first, but many others followed.

Terri Hupfer of Pleasant Hill Cohousing likes the support and friendship of neighbors the best. “You get to relax and read a book for an hour while your neighbor takes all the boys on a long bike ride,” she lists. “Your neighbor not only comes over to help you clean and cook the fresh trout your son has brought home, but he helps pull out the bones and sits down to eat it with you.”

Joani Blank of Swan’s Market Cohousing asks, “Where else could I get someone to take a splinter out of my finger at 7:30 in the morning?” Joani also writes, “No more special trips all the way home for five minutes just to feed the dog!”

—D. L. W.

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