Resale Marketing Strategy at Stone Curves (Tucson AZ)

Stone Curves Cohousing in Tucson is sharing their resale marketing strategy. Many thanks to Kat Jimenez and Pen Sand with Stone Curves Membership Team:

After less than a year of instituting our wait list with our new marketing strategy, our home sales have increased 12%, as opposed to our local market increase of 4.5%. Also, we’ve saved our owners thousands in real estate agent fees because buyers were found from our wait list. More importantly, buyers from our wait list are people who truly want to be in cohousing!

Our ‘team’ consists of myself and another person - so it doesn’t take much to make a big difference. The key to our resale strategy is our wait list; keeping the wait list current, active and interested is important. We grow our wait list by:
(1) Being available for tours
(2) Answering all inquiries from our website in a timely manner.

As an example of how important being available and in touch with potential buyers is, you can compare Stone Curves Cohousing to another community: a premiere cohousing community, nationally known for their environmentally sustainable architecture. This community should have no trouble finding buyers, and yet they do. I think it’s because when people are looking into cohousing (or any real estate), first connections matter. If it’s difficult to find a contact person and set up a tour, people move on and look other communities.

Also, who gives the tours is important (again, it’s about first impressions). I went on an official tour of another cohousing community with potential buyers looking at cohousing communities. I know the person who was giving the tour - she’s a fantastic person who is an active member of that community. However, when she gave the tour she pointed out all the things she wished she could change about her community and she pointed out how hard it is to make those changes in a consensus model. Everything she said was true, but she could have just as easily pointed out all she loved about the community - which, also, would have been true but given a different impression. Also, I’ve had several people contact me through our website and tell me that they’ve been trying to get a hold of someone at this other community to set up a tour but haven’t heard from anyone. Again, I know this other community is a wonderful community but first impressions matter.

This is what I tell our community members about the services we offer:

Hello Owners of Stone Curves!
Are you thinking of selling your unit at Stone Curves? Membership Team wants to remind you that we have ___ willing buyers for your unit! Our most requested unit is a ground floor, 2 bedroom, end unit for couples and families like the 2 story, 3 bedroom units.

Membership Team can help you sell your unit by:

**Introducing you to a buyer. We have ___ people who have visited Stone Curves and have actively want to buy within the next 6–12 months.
**Post your listing with photos on our website (
**Show your unit to prospective buyers
**Give tours of the community to prospective buyers
**Host out-of-town prospective buyers at the common house guest room

Please let Membership Team know if you have a unit for sale.

When we sell a unit, I send out an email informing owners of the sale:

Hello Stone Curves Owners!
Last year the Membership Team at Stone Curves Cohousing Community in Tucson, Arizona started sending out a Home Sale Report to owners. When a home is sold at Stone Curves we will inform all owners of the sale with a Home Sale Report. This report is meant to keep owners informed and involved with the status of sales and prices at Stone Curves. Please let us know your thoughts on this service.

BOTTOM LINE: Our wait list is working. The latest sale home sale was only marketed to our wait list and it procured a sale price over $10,000 higher than what that same unit sold for last year.

WAIT LIST: We recently updated our wait list. We have a couple from New Mexico that is looking to buy a 2-3 Bedroom unit at Stone Curves within the next 6 months. We have two families who are looking to buy a 3 or 4 bedroom home within the next 6 months at Stone Curves. The demand is there. If you are thinking of selling your place- PLEASE LET US KNOW!

Stone Curves Home Sale Report
[Here’s where I put a table of our recent sale]

Stone Curves Cohousing Community Sales by Year
[Here’s where I put a table of our sales for the past year or two]

Now that we’ve got a stable and growing wait list, Our next goal is to get more families on our wait list.