Understanding and Trust, Both Required

In principle, when making good group decisions we try to get all the facts and fully understand before deciding. But it is impossible to understand every detail, every nuance, every possibility, and that's where trust takes over. We work to
understand as much as we can, but at some point we just need to trust our intuition, other people, and/or the process.

For the rational person, the path to truth is paved mostly with understanding, with a bit of trust at the end. For the intuitive person, the path to truth begins with a bit of understanding and then trust paves most of the way. For all of us, truly good decisions require some combination of understanding and trust.

Practical Tip: Work on both understanding and trust. Understand: gather the facts, hear all perspectives, review best practices, and apply rigorous scientific methodology. At the same time, build trust: do things together, eat together, support each other through hardships, share stories and photos of your loved ones. Answer as many questions as you can but at some point you have to decide even without every answer…and it comes down to trust.