A Legacy Continues with Joani Blank

Joani Blank, a cohousing pioneer who passed last August, has continued her impact and influence through a legacy gift provided to Coho/US. We are pleased and humbled to receive this gift from the Joani Blank Trust.

And inspired to do more to grow cohousing and nurture our communities!

Joani was instrumental in the growth and impact of cohousing, particularly in her time generously given to provide advice to countless individuals and groups in forming, developing and enhancing community.

Coho/US and the cohousing movement benefited from Joani’s commitment and leadership over many years, especially in our early days. We look forward to capitalizing on Joani’s generosity to strengthen the organization and expand our initiatives to grow and nurture cohousing.

In providing this gift, Joani’s philanthropic advisor shared these sentiments:Thank you for all you do for the world. Joani smiles and cheers us all on from her place of greater peace.

Thank you, Joani.

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