An Investment in Creating Community: Giving to Coho/US

“It really feels like the cohousing movement and the national Association have taken a big step forward this year.”

Jim Leach, Wonderland Hill and Silver Sage

Cohousing is good, we know this! Good for enhancing our lives, raising our children, supporting our seniors, creating resilient neighborhoods, and improving our environment.

If you are like me, you believe that cohousing is part of the solution to today’s social, economic and environmental challenges. And if you are part of a community, you recognize that we have created a legacy that will live on to support future individuals and families.

A great way to advance your belief and continue your legacy is to support Coho/US with a gift this year end. The association depends on your gifts to nurture our cohousing communities and inspire the growth of our movement.
Coho/US is well positioned to keep us learning from each other, to get the word out about our amazing model for living, to grow our movement for a more collaborative society. But we need everyone’s support to keep this work going!

This past year saw tremendous progress for the association:

• A “Next Generation” National Cohousing Conference enjoyed record attendance and an outstanding program. From Chuck Durrett, “…all the organizers and volunteers did a phenomenal job…this was the best cohousing conference I’ve attended.”

• A Cohousing Directory Map and Metrics profiles our exponential growth, with 157 established communities and over 100 forming.

• An enhanced Coho/US website receives thousands of visitors looking for resources and professionals to find, create and sustain cohousing. “Without Coho/US, I would have given up a long time ago…the organization helped me stay on the right path,” shares Marty Maskell, Fair Oaks EcoHousing.

• A strategic partnership with National Cooperative Bank has increased access to financing for cohousing, a vast improvement to the frustration many of us have experienced educating, and re-educating, potential lenders.

• Enhancing the vibrancy of our existing communities, Coho/US has encouraged the practice of “tune up” rejuvenation. “Our retreat was widely acknowledged as a valuable turning point in our evolution,” Michael Madera, New View Cohousing.

• A National Cohousing Open House Day planned for April 30, 2016 will attract the public to cohousing, and help you build a robust waiting list.

• Classified advertising that works: “It has been amazing, the response,” Liz Stevenson, Southside Park Cohousing, in selling her home.

• Aging Better Together: The Power of Community Conference planned for May 20-21, 2016 is designed to fuel a nationwide development of senior friendly cohousing communities and spark conversations about aging within our existing communities.

Our small but dedicated part-time staff and a national network of committed volunteers has created this progress, but it is made possible by you and your gift of support.

Please join me in supporting our movement with a year-end tax-deductible gift:

• Donate Now Online

• Mail a check to Coho/US, 130 Hunt St #405, Durham NC 27701

Many thanks,

Alice Alexander, Coho/US Executive Director

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