Blog Criteria
  • Blogs are informational. You may link your website or personal blog. You may not announce paid events, courses, or services.  An exception is made for events sponsored by CohoUS. Posts that only share about the services or activities of a cohousing business are not allowed.  This sort of post may be shared as a paid classified ad.
  • Blogs must be generally well written, in English. No profanity, correct spelling and grammar, etc.  We are not the “grammar police”, but will return blogs for editing if needed to maintain the quality of our website.
  • Choose one category.  Each category populates your post to the related page on the website for more visibility and users have a better experience when each post appears on only one page.  If you post applies to more than one category, choose the one that is the best fit.
    • If your post fits both a “Creating It” category and a “Live It” or “Run It” category, choose the latter.  Folks who are creating cohousing are likely to read all the sections. Creating It categories should be populated with posts that only relate to the forming stages of community.  
  • Title your post in a way that will help someone identify the topic.  If you have a clever title, follow it with something that clarifies content.  For example “Roses are Red . . .” needs to become, “Roses are Red – Designing Community Flower Beds” or “Roses are Red – Valentine’s Celebration at Valley Brook”
  • If you are posting something time-limited, at the very bottom of the post, include the words “Post can be removed on DATE”
Steps for Blogging
  1. If you have not already registered as a user on our website, register here.
  2. Email to request author permission to post your blog to the site. 
  3. If you prefer, you may email your blog content to and Laurie will post it for you.