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Sustainability: Three Levels Critical to Our Communities

One of the future needs for all cohousing communities is to continue generating support for CoHoUS for developing and training the next generation of cohousing leaders. Just moving in to your new home is not the completion of the community, it is merely the beginning. We are all mere mortals. Every conference I attend gives… Read More

Village: The Intentional Community Podcast

At the national cohousing conference, many of you may remember Aaron Darland, who seemed everywhere at once, helping presenters with A/V set up. Aaron was at the conference with his wife Jas and two (adorable) children. As Aaron and Jas consider the next step in their intentional community explorations, they have started a podcast –… Read More

Cohousing Directory Map and Metrics

Coho/US now offers a Cohousing Directory Map – check it out!https://www.cohousing.org/map We are grateful to creator Jenny Godwin. I encourage folks to let us know when your community status changes. When was the last time you reviewed and updated your profile on the Cohousing Directory? Feeding this map are the following metrics: Cohousing Community Metrics… Read More

Cohousing Returns to the Radio with Alice & Jerry

Last night (June 11), Going Home with Tony welcomed Alice Alexander of Coho/US and Jerry McIntire, founding member of Stone’s Throw Ecovillage in Virqua, WI on air. This was a follow-up to the April 12th discussion with Alice, Katie McCamant (of CoHousing Solutions) and Chris Bentley (journalist who wrote Can Boomers Make Cohousing Mainstream?) Tony,… Read More

Photos from the Conference

Click here for the photos, or see below!

2015 National Cohousing Conference a Tremendous Success

[Photos Courtesy of R Philip Dowds] What an amazing experience! The 2015 National Cohousing Conference was a huge success by any measure. The comments received were overwhelmingly positive; the criticisms primarily noted that the rooms were too small and the A/C challenged, driven by our sell-out crowd. Indeed, this conference broke attendance records, with 457… Read More

Coming from France: Attracted by Cohousing in US

I had the incredible opportunity to participate to the National Cohousing Conference last week in Durham. This kind of event really helps you to understand how big the movement now is that Katie and Chuck started in the 80’s. Like me coming from France, people from all around the world have been attracted by the… Read More

Conference Slideshow & Reflection

WOW. I’d wager it’s not just me feeling giddy after this weekend’s Conference. It’s even hard to choose a standout moment. As a pre-Conference volunteer, I had a chance to see some of those gears cranking in the months leading up to May, and really, just got a small taste of the enormous amount of… Read More

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore: Reflections on the Conference

This is part of a “Go Ask Alice” blog posted by Rosemary Wyman with Jubilee Cohousing http://jubileecoho.com/go-ask-alice/ Jubilee Cohousing was a National Cohousing Conference Community Sponsor I can promise you I wasn’t smoking or doing anything trippy, but the three days that I spent at the national cohousing conference in Durham, NC were powerful, and… Read More

ELF Fun during National Conference Reception

Thank you for allowing Organic Transit to show the CoHousing Conference attendees our ELF. If you didn’t get a chance to see the ELF, it is the solar/pedal powered, battery assist recumbent bike. The ELF has a top electric speed of 20 mph, 500 pound payload carrying capacity, weather protection through its encapsulated shell, and… Read More

Problems with the 2015 National Conference

Here’s my take on what went “wrong” at the conference: 1. Overall length of conference — waaay too short. 2. Length of individual presentation times — too short. Sessions went over as attendees continued asking questions I wanted answers to. 3. Food — Gained 1 lb. 4. Too many competing GREAT sessions. Very very frustrating…. Read More

One of the great videos from the conference

A great video from the conference, courtesy of Ava Lazar (11) and Mia Lazar (13) who are kids living in cohousing Click here to view