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Creating Traditions

I’m excited for the conference! When I’m not being the lead techie for the association, I pay a lot of attention to singing, celebrations, and traditions. On Thursday night of the conference I’ll be talking about singing in community, and singing with as many of you as will join me. On Saturday morning, I’ll be… Read More

Who’s Coming to the National Conference?

We’re smiling at the numbers so far: 223 folks have registered for the National Cohousing Conference. That’s more than expected at this time. Our aspirational goal is 400; we conservatively budgeted for 325. So we are in good shape! Where are folks coming from? Registrations have poured from all over the country – 31 states… Read More

The Future of Cohousing: The Next Generation

In 2014, my home community, Pioneer Valley Cohousing in Amherst Massachusetts, celebrated our 20th anniversary. A number of big changes here got me wondering – what comes next for my family, my community, and the national cohousing movement? When it came time to think about a theme for our conference, “the next generation” came to… Read More

Announcing CoHousing Solutions

Katie McCamant is pleased to announce her new consulting firm, CoHousing Solutions. This firm provides development consulting for cohousing neighborhoods and other types of collaborative developments. CoHousing Solutions is currently consulting on a wide range of communities, including Raven’s Roost Cohousing, Fair Oaks EcoHousing, PDX Commons, Oakleigh Meadow and Quimper Village. The newest buzz over… Read More

Money in Community

With this entry I’m plowing new ground: for the first time, I’m posting an essay written by a guest author. In this case, Beth Raps, who lives in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia where she operates her business, Raising Clarity: to cultivate abundance in noble causes, people, and organizations. I first met Beth last October in… Read More

Fair Oaks EcoHousing Updates

We at Fair Oaks EcoHousing are a family-friendly, intergenerational group of households intending to build 30 homes on 3.5 acres. Our community’s start of construction is planned for summer of 2015. We’re actively looking for others who share our vision to join us. We’re excited about our prime site location, minutes from the American River… Read More

Coping with Record Snow at Mosaic Commons in Central Mass

In response to a “how are you coping out there with snow and cold temps,” Diana Carroll at Mosaic Commons in Central Massachusetts, where they’ve gotten more snow than anytime in recorded history, writes: Well, logistically it has been quite challenging, of course. Our snow plow company has been working absurdly hard to keep us… Read More

NPR Morning Edition 2-16-15: Europe Experiments with Cohousing

Please comment on this NPR story profiling cohousing in England and Spain: http://www.npr.org/blogs/parallels/2015/02/16/385528919/not-a-group-hous… The online story has more depth than the audio. Share a bit of YOUR experience with cohousing here in the US, and please mention www.www.cohousing.org for more info. Many thanks!

Sparking the Conversation: Cohousing on Wisconsin NPR

We’ve all come across the kinds of stories that are meant to be shared. An article a friend recommends or a radio program we hear on the way to work and can’t stop thinking about all day. Well, cohousing has been in the story spotlight lately – and with Conference registration having recently opened, the… Read More

Combining Cohousing with New Urbanism for Artists

Louisville Artists Cohousing in Boulder County Colorado is creating a community that combines cohousing with new urbanism for artists – thus building opportunities for economic sustainability into the community for artists. As artists we struggle with having the resources, community support and inspiration we need to create. Most of the artists in our group do… Read More

Books from our childhood memories

Here’s a short excerpt from an article by Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing, a cohousing community forming in Eugene, Oregon, that first appeared in Communities magazine #164 (Fall 2014) – Community Conversations. “The Sneetches and Other Stories,” “Hatchet,” “The Happy Hollisters,” “The Secret Garden,” “The Little House,” “Henry Reed, Inc.,” “A Child’s Garden of Verses,” “Paddle-to-the-Sea,” “Bone… Read More

London Visit – to the Newest Cohousing Community in the UK

In January while in London, my wife and I visited what is probably the newest multi-generational cohousing community in the UK: Springdale Gardens Cohousing. It is in the middle of a block, completely surrounded by row houses, in the Stoke Newington district of north London. It consists of a single building with six units on… Read More