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Aria Cohousing Community Tour – Denver Dec. 13

Title: Aria Cohousing Community Open House Date: December 13, 2014 Time: 11:30 am Location: Aria Project Office (2861 West 52nd Avenue, Denver, CO, 80221) Brief Description: Do you want to learn about joining the Denver’s newest cohousing community? Join us for the Aria Cohousing Community Tour on Saturday, December 13th (11:30am Presentation & Tour, 12:30pm… Read More

2015 National Cohousing Conference: Save the Date May 29-31

The National Cohousing Conference promises an amazing lineup of offerings, from innovative approaches to developing new and affordable communities, to potent ways to enhance our vibrant communities. We’ll cover cohousing basics as well as hot topics in sustainability, community building, and the evolving definition of cohousing. Our “next generation theme” will explore the new wave… Read More

Beginnings at the 2010 Conference

In 2010, I attended the National Cohousing Conference in Boulder along with two days of training at the Coho University to learn about how to start a cohousing community. I traveled there with a friend and met two other ladies from Nashville while at the conference. We all traveled back to Nashville and started meeting… Read More

Zoning & The Definition of Family

This is the sort of home I lived in before we built our cohousing community. It’s also similar to what Wendy writes about in her recent blog entry (https://www.cohousing.org/node/2743). When we think about If you can find a way to support these folks, that would be great: http://www.courant.com/community/hartford/hc-hartford-scarborough-zoning…

Many Thanks to These Communities who have Given to Coho/US

Walnut Commons in Santa Cruz sent this delightful note with a gift: “our community is just a few months in our new building and we have many expenses as we settle in….we do see the value of Coho/US and hope that in the future we may do more.” How wonderful! If your community has not… Read More

Closing Contact with the Third Rail of Distress

Almost all people living in intentional community—as well as those aspiring to—value good communication. After all, the heart of community is relationship and that’s pretty hard to develop and sustain with weak communication. That said, all conditions under which communication is attempted are not equal. Some are way more challenging than others. In particular, one… Read More

People first, things second.

Tiny Houses and shared living arrangements are currently hot topics on the COHO-US Listserv, tapping into the consistently popular themes of affordabiity and simplicity. Can these now-trendy models that trade-off square footage and private amenities for more affordable, manageable lives deliver on our high expectations? Since cohousing has already been doing precisely this for over… Read More

Mecklenburg Times: ‘Cohousing’ movement appeals to homeowners seeking fellowship

Alice Alexander describes herself as a “typical baby boomer,” always seeking to improve her quality of life. The 57-year-old, who had devoted most of her professional career to nonprofit management and fundraising, lived in a 1925 Dutch colonial in Old North Durham. But, she says, something was missing. She felt anonymous in suburbia.“I was looking… Read More

Big news today!

The fence went up and the building went down! The countdown clock has started. We are VERY excited to have officially broken ground today. We’ve started a blog page on our website at http://capitolhillurbanwww.cohousing.org/blog where you can subscribe to track our progress. There are more photos posted there but below is one to whet your… Read More

Great Aerial Picture of Mosaic Commons and Camelot Cohousing

My son and his dad went up in a small private plane this past weekend, and took this amazing picture of Mosaic Commons and Camelot Cohousing. Our land extends to the North (left in the picture) for another 50+ acres, but this shows all of the built area.

Budgeting Time & Considering Gifts

Now is the time of year when many cohousing communities review their budgets. Does your community include a budget for supporting Coho/US with an annual gift? Including an annual gift as a recurring donation allows your community to affirm ongoing support without requiring discussion by the finance committee or the whole community every year. What… Read More

Group Works: Power Shift

Group Works: Power Shift This entry continues a series in which I’m exploring concepts encapsulated in a set of 91 cards called Group Works, developed by Tree Bressen, Dave Pollard, and Sue Woehrlin. The deck represents “A Pattern Language for Bringing Life to Meetings and Other Gatherings.” In each blog, I’ll examine a single card… Read More