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Stocking Kitchen Appliances & Stuff

Off my usual topic of governance but this was a response to a question from a new community that I thought might be helpful to all new communities, and some settled ones. What should we buy of the kitchen? On small appliances: At 14 years we still have donations and have just started buying more… Read More

Fear of Regret as a Stumbling Block to Committing to Cohousing

I received this email from Leah Fisher in response to my opening “Alleviating Fear” article in Cohousing Now! eNews (#71, 10/28/14). Leah makes a compelling case for “fear of regret” as a stumbling block in committing to cohousing, and suggests, “Support for dealing effectively with these concerns could be of great value to prospective members.”… Read More

Cohousing: Alleviating Fear

I was struck by Marilynne Robinson’s assertion in a recent issue of NY Times Magazine (10/5/14): “Fear has, in this moment, a respectability I’ve never seen in my life.” She was referring to what she thinks is a “default posture” of human beings: fear. This recalled for me a presentation at Shadowlake Village that included… Read More

Leadership for Meal Programs Increases Meals

“It is a strategy I think a community could use to jump start their program, and then talk about how to reduce the centralization after a year or more of successful meals. Since we have quite slowly added new households it is quite clear that our successful meals program is what has helped get more… Read More

Why Cooperative Groups Fail to Accept Offers of Help

I’m currently immersed in four days of FIC organizational meetings, where a key focus has been how to make better connections with others trying to build cooperative culture. Essentially, those of us with deep familiarity in community living believe that we’re learning something in the crucible of that experience that has wide application—in neighborhoods, in… Read More

Aging Successfully in Cohousing – Workshop Report

Last week in Nevada City, a team of over 20 attendees – having traveled from as far away as Brazil – participated in a week-long workshop on Aging Successfully in senior cohousing. The concept stems from a workshop in Denmark that is designed to set seniors up for success, called Study Group One. The approach… Read More

Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing breaks ground in Seattle

After 5+ years in development we’re very excited to announce we have broken ground! You can read the entire story with photos at http://bit.ly/CHUCblog. We are an inter-generational urban community committed to sustainable living on Seattle’s Capitol Hill. We currently have 8 of our 9 households committed, ranging in age from infant to mid-60s, families… Read More

It Takes A Village to Boil a Lobster …’er Silver Sage Village That Is

What a great community we have at Silver Sage Village! And if anyone asks about how many it takes to boil a lobster … the answer is simple: It takes a village to boil a lobster at least the village at Silver Sage. When we started to plan on Monday for the Lobster Boil …… Read More

Regional Cohousing Conference – Experiences in Boulder

Picture from Henry Kroll, from the Silver Sage session on “Aging in Place, how’s it working?” I arrived home at midnight after a long weekend in Boulder, attending the Regional Cohousing Conference. I should have been exhausted, but I was wired after the energizing gathering. A success by any measure, we had close to 90… Read More

This weekend in Colorado

This weekend was a great regional conference in Boulder, Colorado. Zach and I enjoyed both the conference and the beauty of the mountains and the creek immensely. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen, and I’m looking forward to the 2015 National Cohousing Conference – May 29-31, 2015 – Durham, North Carolina!

Creating Community as we Grow Older Event in Salt Lake City

Creating Community as We Grow Older featuring Beth Baker (Salt Lake City, UT)When: Saturday, October 18, 2014 2:00-4:30pm Where:  Utah Cultural Celebration Center, 1355 West 3100 South, Salt Lake City, UT Contact Information: Cindy Turnquist cindy [at] sagehillcohousing [dot] org For Details: http://sagehillcohousing.com/events/ Beth Baker, author of “With a Little Help from our Friends,” will… Read More

Cohousers Part of the NYC People’s Climate March

Cohousers will be part of the NYC People’s Climate March on Sept 21st, showcasing this great banner! Laura Fitch is leading about 20 people from Pioneer Valley Cohousing, and will be joined by other cohousers from NYC Coho, NYC Cohousing Group, Katywil Farm Community, New View Cohousing, and Nubanusit Neighborhood & Farm, along with others… Read More