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How Are We Doing?

When I took on the role of Executive Director of Coho/US in April, I was ready to partner with the board in tackling our ambitious goals set over the winter. With almost 5 months on the job, on this Labor Day, I thought it time to provide a summary “how are we doing?” An initial… Read More

National Cohousing Conference: Co-Chairs Endorsed

The Coho/US Board is pleased to endorse Laura Fitch and Doug Henderson-James as Co-Chairs of the National Cohousing Conference (May 2015 in Durham NC). www.www.cohousing.org/2015conference Laura Fitch was the creative crafter of our “Next Generation” theme for the National Conference, so it is fitting she step up to co-chair. Laura’s own community – Pioneer Valley… Read More

Coho/US Welcomes New Board Members Peter Lazar and Diana Sullivan

Coho/US welcomes two new members joining the Board of Directors. Peter Lazar is active in the cohousing movement, giving talks on the subject and leading tours. He and his wife, Molly, are founders of Sheeflee Cohousing, which is working to build a 26 home cohousing neighborhood near Charlottesville, Virginia. For the past nine years, Peter,… Read More

How many cohousing communities are there?

Posted by Fred Olson on Cohousing-L: From the Cohousing Directory on the number of cohousing communities: Completed: 111Building 22 Own Site 21 Site Optioned 6 Seeking Site 12 Forming 38 Retrofitting 11 Total active: 221 in 36 states Other database entries: Disbanded 2 Dormant 2 Unknown 3 http://directory.www.cohousing.org/ The directory is only as good as… Read More

Aging in Cohousing – Why is this a Good Choice?

Being interviewed by two reporters in two days about “senior cohousing” is an indication that aging in cohousing is receiving more attention. And this is good, since we know how beneficial cohousing is to life quality, and can be a particularly good choice for older adults. Here are some of the benefits I identified during… Read More

Spreading the Coho Word

Those of us on the marketing teams of cohousing communities are well aware that cohousing is not yet embedded in the American culture. In fact just the opposite. Americans pride themselves on their independence. We at Wolf Creek Lodge recognize the need to first educate those with an interest in cohousing. Only then will they… Read More

Aging Succesfully 2014: Senior Cohousing weeklong workshop coming in October to Nevada City,CA

I participated in the first two years Chuck Durrett offered this workshop, and found it gave me a strong base of understanding of the essential elements for Aging in Community, enabling me to teach the Danish “Successful Aging” curriculum that is part of the best path to getting Senior Cohousing off the ground. It’s a… Read More

Exit Dynamics in Community

Although it’s not what folks generally have their attention on when they start or join communities, the other side of the coin is that people leave. To be sure, this can happen for a wide variety of reasons. Let me give you a hypothetical dozen—all of which I’ve witnessed: 1. Maybe the bread winner in… Read More

Durham Coho Opens August 2014

Final construction details are near completion as we prepare to move into our Durham Coho building in August. As the first self-developed urban cohousing community in North Carolina, we are mighty proud of our accomplishment. We take special joy in the recent additions of beautiful gardens, of artistic “sails” on our rooftop terrace, and of… Read More

Communities Conference 2014, Aug 29-Sept 1 Louisa VA

Communities Conference 2014 Labor Day Weekend Conference at Twin Oaks Community, Louisa VA Co-Sponsored by the Fellowship for Intentional Community Website: http://www.communitiesconference.org/ The Communities Conference at Twin Oaks Community is a chance for people interested or involved in intentional communities and other community-oriented projects or businesses to share ideas, network, and enjoy a weekend together…. Read More

New Marketing Ideas

Carolyn Dyer of Iowa City Cohousing, still forming, posted their marketing plan to the Cohousing-L email list a week or two ago. I thought it contained many new ideas and asked her if I could share it here. She said yes so here it is. I particularly liked their use of speakers on related topics,… Read More

Cohousing Brochure Available for Download

Note: The brochure described below has been updated. The new brochure can be found here. Coho/US has created a tri-fold brochure available for download printing. Visit https://www.cohousing.org/brochure The brochure provides an introduction and welcoming to cohousing. We encourage you to use as a recruiting tool for potential members, and an education tool for the general… Read More