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Musings: Seniors versus Elders

An acquaintance of mine, Chris Zimmerman, owns and operates a couple of assisted-care facilities in Alameda, California. He inherited one at age 23 and subsequently built a second one. He’s now 60, and despite the limitations of an assisted care environment, he has developed astute theories about seniors and elders. Like many observers of the… Read More

When the Community You’ve Joined Changes . . .

Diana Leafe Christian What happens when a cohousing community changes in values, lifestyle, and “community culture” over time? And how might this affect you as an a new incoming member? I have a good friend who lives with her young son in a cohousing community she helped to start. When she and the other founders… Read More

Who Thrives in Cohousing?

By Diana Leafe Christian If you’re looking for a cohousing core group or existing community to join, you’re probably thinking about what you want. You may also be considering what personal characteristics tend to lead to enjoying —even thriving — in cohousing. Because I live in community myself, and I’ve talked with many others who… Read More

Look Before You Leap (Ask These Important Questions Before You Join)

By Diana Leafe Christian “The results of this water test are enough to make the hair on the back of anyone’s neck stand up!” the scientist at the testing lab told my friend. Soon after she bought a home in a brand-new cohousing community, the weather turned cold. She and her neighbors turned on the… Read More

Musings: The Community Tax

Cohousing is a hoot – it really is. When I walk onto the site after a hard day at work and chat with a couple of the 37 kids, or see cutie one-year-old August smiling in his mother’s arms, well, it makes my life worth living. When I walk into the common house an hour… Read More

Separating the “Wheat” from the “Chaff” Ahead of Time Online

By Diana Leafe Christian If you’re looking for a forming cohousing community, learn to “read between the lines” in directory listings and websites. • I observed in my book Creating a Life Together that only about 10 percent of forming intentional community groups succeed, and about 90 percent fail. And while the statistics for cohousing… Read More

Rainbow or White Bread? Ethnic Diversity in Cohousing

By Diana Leafe Christian Fostermamas (see blog entry below) also mentioned that their family is multi-generational and multiracial. And on June 27th, Annette wrote a blog response, “Regarding ethnic diversity, what are the statistics?” David Entin of Rocky Hill Cohousing in Northampton, Massachusetts (and Board Member of Coho/US and co-host of its “Research” Topic Room),… Read More

Visit Many Different Cohousing Communities First!

By Diana Leafe Christian On August 1st, Fostermamas: “As potential co-housing members we’re constantly refining what factors are important in our cohousing search. Each visit to a potential community has given us more insight into what we’re looking for in our ideal community. “After visiting our first cohousing community we decided that our multiracial family… Read More

Size Matters

The best size and number of households seems to be one of the big challenges facing cohousing in America. Cohousing communities in Europe have shown over and again that the optimum size is not too big and not too small. Create a community that is too big and an institutional feel and sensibility will result…. Read More

What Experienced Cohousers Seek in New Neighbors

By Diana Leafe Christian Friday night (7/25), I gave a talk at the “Community Seeker’s Fair” which kicked off the NICA Gathering here in Portland (described below). I talked about characteristics of people who tend to do well in community: confidence and assertiveness, humility (they’re not mutually exclusive), a willingness to pitch in and work,… Read More

Looking for a Cohousing-Style Ecovillage?

By Diana Leafe Christian Right now I’m at the NICA Annual Sumner Gathering in Portland, Oregon. NICA, the Northwest Intentional Communities Association, is the largest regional communities network in the US. It’s members are cohousers and members of non-cohousing communities in Washington and Oregon. The Gathering is hosted this year by Columbia Ecovillage. The founders… Read More

Have Realistic Expectations about your Future Cohousing Community!

Diana Leafe Christian “That’s not the community I’d ever live in!”The man in the back of the room was upset, and walked out. We were just 45 minutes into my workshop-consultation for his cohousing community. Clearly, what I’d said so far had upset him. The six-year-old community had called me in as a consultant because… Read More