Building a Better Meeting: Facilitation Skills for Everybody (Laird Schaub and Joe Cole)

This full day pre-conference intensive (Thursday, May 18, from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm) requires an additional fee of $120. You may register for this intensive separately without registering for the full conference. If you have already registered for the conference, you can register again for any intensive.

Presented by Laird Schaub and Joe Cole

Intensive Description

Have you ever been to a meeting that was efficient, productive, and fun? How can groups create and maintain an environment of deep connection and effective decision-making? What skills, tools, and attitudes can all members (not just facilitators) learn to build better meetings? In this workshop, we will explore several elements of effective group meetings, including: Cooperative Attitudes, Ground Rules, Meeting and Content Management Skills, Tools for Working with Emotional Energy, a variety of Meeting Formats, a Model for Developing Proposals, Delegation Agreements, and Decision-Making Protocols. We’ll spend time practicing techniques for effective meetings, discuss common challenges that cooperative groups face, and explore long-term strategies for improving group decision-making.

About the Presenters

Laird Schaub lived for four decades at Sandhill Farm, an income-sharing community he helped found in 1974. In addition, he served as the main administrator of the Fellowship for Intentional Community, a network organization he helped create, for the period 1987-2015. In addition to being an author and public speaker about various aspects of community, he's become an expert on cooperative group dynamics and has parlayed his passion for effective process into a consulting business. Over the last 30 years he's worked with more than 100 different groups—including 61 cohousing groups—many of them multiple times. His specialty is up-tempo meetings that engage the full range of human input, teaching groups to work creatively with conflict, and at the same time being ruthless about about capturing as much product as possible. In 2003, he pioneered a two-year training in Integrative Facilitation that he's delivered 11 times across the continent.

Joe Cole is a Facilitator and Consultant for communities and non-profit organizations. Joe has trained in Integrative Facilitation with Laird Schaub and Ma'ikwe Ludwig, and in World Work with Arnold and Amy Mindell. Joe has a Ph.D. in Philosophy, and is a Visiting Instructor at UNC-Greensboro and N.C. State University. He was one of the original residents of Pacifica Cohousing Community, and is a member of Hart’s Mill Ecovillage, a community forming in Orange County, North Carolina.

Additional Information

This pre-conference intensive offered on Thursday, May 18, from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm requires an additional fee of $120. You may register for this intensive separately without registering for the full conference. For those who have already registered for the conference, you can add this by registering again and only signing up for this intensive. Lunch is not included, but a buffet is available at the hotel restaurant, currently priced at $13.00.