Bring your Fliers to Amherst!

The world of cohousing includes generous and talented people spread all over the country. When they find each other, amazing things happen. Communities get needed members and cohousing seekers find new homes. Cohousing professionals get the work they need to remain focused on cohousing and communities become more effective in anything from site design to consensus process. The challenge is that connecting people who are spread all over the country can be tough.

Fortunately, there are cohousing conferences. The NE Summit this September is making a special effort to help communities, professionals and cohousers connect with each other. As usual there will be social times, sponsors tables, and sessions where attendees can find the people they are looking for. In addition, we are trying out something new this conference. We’ll have a table available where anyone can put out a stack of fliers, brochures, postcards or business cards for others to browse. Space is limited, so please plan to use no more than the space of a half page flier for your community or business. With this added service, we are hoping to see even more cohousers connect at the Summit.

Registration is now open. See you there!

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