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Common Meals in Cohousing Communities

An Experienced Cohouser Reports From Common House Kitchens and Dining Rooms across North America This article appeared originally in the print magazine Cohousing in the Winter of 2001 It is followed by excerpts from a short piece published on this website in 2008, and by an Update posted in February, 2014 Twenty-seven and counting. That’s... Read More

Unique Meal Program Approach called “Brilliant”!

There are many right answers to how to design a cohousing meal program and some will depend on the size of the community as well as the demographics. We are a 9 household community with 17 adults and 11 children. We have 2 vegans, about 5 vegetarians and the rest are omnivores with some strong... Read More

Joani Blank on Common Meals: Part 2

Part 2: Common Meal Systems, What’s Typical? – 2016 Interview A continuation of my interview with Joani Blank. I had the privilege of interviewing her by phone a few months before her passing. For part one, visit Part 1: Common Meal Practice Run Though common meal systems share similarities from one community to the next,... Read More

Joani Blank on Common Meals: Part 1

Part 1: Common Meal Practice Run – 2016 Interview “My illness is messing with my brain, making things fuzzy. But this kind of stuff, I can’t forget it.” The cohousing world lost a pioneer and community mentor in the Summer of 2016, Joani Blank of Swan’s Market Cohousing in Oakland, CA. A fierce advocate for... Read More

Leadership for Meal Programs Increases Meals

“It is a strategy I think a community could use to jump start their program, and then talk about how to reduce the centralization after a year or more of successful meals. Since we have quite slowly added new households it is quite clear that our successful meals program is what has helped get more... Read More