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WebChat#7: Improving Communication

What a great conversation to start off 2019. Ronnie Rosenbaum gave a clear and thoughtful presentation on communication in cohousing with so many tangible ideas to start using right away. Watch the full WebChat at this link: Ronnie spoke on two primary points: 1. Individual Communication Skills – goal is connection – focus on... Read More

Storing Community Documents Online

…to all of you cohousers who keep your various official documents, minutes, site map, consensus log, new-member orientation materials, etc. on-line – what software or product are you using, and how well does it work for you? Muriel at Shadowlake Village, Blacksburg, VA At Nubanusit Neighborhood and Farm we store everything on Google Drive. We’ve... Read More

The Advantages of Discussions on Email

This post is on a neighborhood discussion list and will be seemingly off-topic but bear with me. Our neighborhood list, TakomaDC where Takoma Village Cohousing is located, started in the 1990s by 12 neighbors as a way to notify each other of crimes in the neighborhood. In 2003 when ownership was transferred to me, it... Read More

Closing Contact with the Third Rail of Distress

Almost all people living in intentional community—as well as those aspiring to—value good communication. After all, the heart of community is relationship and that’s pretty hard to develop and sustain with weak communication. That said, all conditions under which communication is attempted are not equal. Some are way more challenging than others. In particular, one... Read More

Musings: Technology and Cohousing

The temptation to use technology to make life more convenient, more practical, or just jazzier – whatever the cost – is always with us. In our Nevada City cohousing community, we adopted online signups for common dinners. Previously, signups were on paper in the common house. I’d often stop by the common house at around... Read More