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Living in Senior Cohousing in the age of Covid-19

May thanks to PDX Commons and member Gretchen Brauer-Rieke for the article below and linked slide presentations.  Please note that this information may now be out of date in some ways, and should not be considered medical advice.  Cohousing has such rich resources. This well organized and clear information is definitely part of it.  Thanks... Read More

Cohousing and Coronavirus: Forming Communities

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 The New and Forming Communities Web Chat was attended by as many as 31 people from around the country.  A very stimulating and informative session! A summary of the high points: Karin’s introduction – the Coho WebChat series is an effort to use our shared experiences to help cohousers across the... Read More

Coho with Coronavirus

A review of WebChat #42: Coho with Coronavirus, Thur, Mar 12, 2020* (In a changing world, note this information may no longer be current.  Specifically, some states have further restricted gatherings since this webchat.) Intro Keeping Cohousers Healthy  As communities listen and respond to current events, it seems like a good moment to come together... Read More