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Connection-Centric Design

Erik Granum of UD+P, met with community partner Washington Commons to share insights into the ways that design elements foster and reinforce the social connection, an essential characteristic of cohousing communities.  With a large group gathered over ZOOM, ​Erik introduced cohousing as ‘Intentionally designed living within a community comprised of private dwellings around shared spaces’. 

Journey to Ahhh….Part 3

 The Value of a Relationship with a creative, inclusive Architect with Cohousing Experience Hello again from the forming inclusive and diverse cohousing community of Our Home – Cathedral Park! We’ve been asked by CohoUS to share some of the secret sauce we are employing to bring our community together. In our last post, we talked... Read More

Balancing Privacy and Community with Design in Cohousing

Reposted from PBS website:… Architect Laura Fitch describes cohousing communities as “privacy within your home and community at your doorstep.” Cooperative living arrangements have existed across a number of cultures for centuries. But the concept took a new form in Denmark in the early 1970s with the establishment

PBS Interview with Laura Fitch

Nice Article with photos of Mosaic Commons & JP Cohousing! “The design process and the management process are things that actually mix the community together, so that you have to get to know each other in order to make these decisions.” — Architect Laura Fitch…