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Bridport Cohousing – Our journey towards getting the common facilities for our project built and paid for

With no available grant funding for non-residential buildings like the Common House and guest bedrooms, members have had to come up with a creative solution to this problem. We in the Cohousing Network all know just how important a Common House is for social cohesion, yet the vast majority of planners, designers and funders fail... Read More

Journey to Ahhh….Part 2

The Benefits of Collaboration with a Developer with Cohousing Experience and Expertise In this article, we would like to talk about the benefits of working in close collaboration with a development group that has extensive experience with cohousing. For the development of Our Home – Cathedral Park, we chose Urban Development + Partners, a local... Read More

Gainesville Cohousing Breaks Ground – First in Florida

Congrats to Gainesville Cohousing, breaking ground on a community five years in the making. Great publicity received! Click here to see local ABC news affiliate video. GAINESVILLE, Fla – A co-housing community in Gainesville broke ground Friday afternoon, and neighbors are one step closer to moving in. Gainesville Cohousing is a 24 home, $5 million... Read More

Ten Tips for Success in Building a Cohousing Community

Ten Tips for Success in Building a Cohousing Community By Marty Maskall, Founder & Future Resident, Fair Oaks EcoHousing, 12-3-16 1. Join if you can! It’s much easier to join an existing community than to start a new one. 2. Appreciate the efforts of others who start a community – they need our support. 3.... Read More

Planning and Zoning Commission – Support for your Application

I recently had the opportunity to speak before a City/County Planning Commission in support of Village Hearth Cohousing in Durham, North Carolina. Many of you will remember – or are gearing up for – addressing issues of parking, road access, home clustering and more, to obtain approval for building. If helpful, I am sharing my... Read More

Moving to an Established Community Rather than Creating A New

In response to an inquiry on the coho-l email discussion group, about recommendations on connecting with people who might be interested in starting a community, Tom Lofft with Liberty Village Cohousing in Maryland responded: Hi all wannabes and start-up cohousers: I recommend that any small group in particular, especially those who are thinking of breaking... Read More