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Charging Electric Vehicles at Wolf Creek Lodge

Construction at Wolf Creek Lodge in Grass Valley, CA was completed in 2012. At that time, no member owned an electric vehicle. 2015 marked the early adoption of plug-in vehicles by several residents. “Electric vehicles are the future of personal transportation because of their simplicity of design and low maintenance costs, “said Richard Carter, the... Read More

Rubbish to Riches: The Alchemy of Food Waste in Cohousing

I would like to say that mine is a household where celery never goes limp in the crisper. That whenever bread gets stale and milk sours, I miraculously combine them into a delicious bread pudding. Hah. While I may have great aspirations to using every last scrap of food, the plain truth is that in... Read More

Generating Necessity

This morning a friend brought my son home from a birthday party. Her sons had also attended the party and our house was on their way home, so bringing them all home together significantly reduced the carbon emissions. In other words, it was a good move for sustainability which we all value. But that isn’t... Read

Climate Leading Communities: Conference Results

The Cutting Edge Resiliency session I co-led with Bryan of Caddis bloomed into a thriving discussion about what strides we all realistically need to take to seriously combat climate change. We agreed that yes, individual numbers are important, but the power of the collective in community living is where cohousing offers the biggest opportunities. (And... Read More

More People Looking for Solutions: National Cohousing Open House Day

For more and more people, the debate is over. Climate change is real. Wealth inequity is a problem. People need to stop killing each other. I grew up in the 80’s, when Reagan was still managing to convince most people that everything was okay. I remember my radical parents being in a state of perpetual... Read More

Addressing Climate Change: Two Generations at Heart-Culture Farm Community

Reprinted from Communities Magazine Spring 2017 “I want to do something about climate change,” my 12-year-old daughter insisted. The immediacy of her feelings, and her earnest belief that she, personally, could do something momentous left me momentarily speechless. I remember that same urgency in myself as a teenager, before I realized the complexity of the... Read More

Want to Survive Climate Change? You’ll Need a Good Community

This Wired Magazine article recently published, Want to Survive Climate Change? You’ll Need a Good Community (authored by Eric Klineberg), underscores what we already know: that good neighbors and a resilient community can make all the difference in maintaining us through crisis. Remember the blistering heat of 1995 that killed hundreds of people in Chicago?... Read More

Environmental Council Endorses Fair Oaks EcoHousing

Cohousers don’t only talk the green talk, they walk the green walk. Yet the sustainable lifestyle inherent in intentional neighborhoods is not always outwardly apparent to the greater community (minus solar panels on rooftops or street-facing gardens). It’s a goal of many forming communities to demonstrate these built-in savings, embodied in greener-built homes, on-site activities... Read More

Is Cohousing “Green Enough”? Continued

Given such inescapable trends as climate change and water, energy, and food scarcity issues, Laura Fitch, in her article, “Is Cohousing Green Enough?” in the Coho Now #85 issue, asks an important and necessary question. Her answers provide a good beginning to the kinds of realizations needed to support cohousing as a way of life... Read More

Is Cohousing “Green Enough”?

Is Cohousing “Green Enough”? The Paris climate summit is now over. And I am wondering – has it (or other climate news) inspired any new or existing cohousers to stretch a little further in the green direction? We have heard about many new communities who are talking “passive house”, “net zero” and “net zero ready”.... Read More